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At IGTM, you are in for a magnificent learning experience that is not just limited to long and boring theories but a lot of practical hands-on experience of real-world trading scenarios. Our expert faculties make sure that you grasp the complex concepts of foreign goods, the price variations, the demand-supply gaps, and the overall international trade structure. The import-export programs and curriculum designed by us are tailored for beginners and advanced levels of learners. Once you have completed our export-import training, you will be able to establish your business hassle-free. 


We are on the path to empower the youth with entrepreneurial spirits to set a benchmark with their business.


With strategic learning methodology, we are on a mission to instill practical skills in young business minds.


Have doubts? See if these provide your answers. You can always reach out to us otherwise.

What is Import-Export?

Each country has a set of resources. This includes both natural and man-made resources. When one country doesn’t have enough resources, then they get it from the ones that have that in plenty. 

This process of transporting goods from one country to another, crossing the national borers is called import. The country that receives the goods is called importer and the one that is the origin point of the commodity is called the exporter. Import-export is one of the driving factors of economic growth in any country. The business off getting products or commodities across nations is called Import-Export Business. 

What are the benefits of Import Export Business?

Import-Export business has a lot of benefits, both, to the owner of the business as well as the country as a whole. Countries can fill-up for the scarcity of resources and people can develop business by carrying out import and export of goods. The business also generates foreign exchange which is crucial for global economic development through capital movement in the market.

The import-export business can generate employment opportunities for a lot of people. Resources and raw materials can be brought at cheaper rates and converted to the final product at relatively lesser rates thereby reducing overall production costs. This helps generate huge profits margins for the business. 

Who can start Import – Export Business?

Anyone can start an Import-Export business. But due to the market competition, you need to have the definite skills required for taking it further with the use and know-how of the current global scenario. If you want to establish a minimum risk import-export business, the best way to go about it is to enroll in an Import-Export institute to take up a training or certification program. Getting certified and having a license is imperative to gain the trust of brands globally and thrive in your business. 

How to Start Import-Export Business in India?

You can start your Import-Export Business in India by joining an export-import training course. Such a course from a reputed institute can reduce your overhead of falling into an endless list of to-do documents, licensing and registrations. We, at IGTM Ahmedabad, provide a detailed import-export procedure to guide our students in getting started with their business instantly.  

. What are the Basics Requirements for Import Export Business?

  1. Registrations

To get started with your export-import business, you first need to get your business registered along with a PAN card for the same. After that, open a Current Bank Account and get your Import-export code (IEC) issued. Once you are done with that, you need to get Registration cum Membership Certification (RCMC). When you get your import export education from IGTM Ahemdabad, we will walk you through this procedure with clear guidelines. 

  1. Products/Goods Knowledge

After completing the registration process, you must gain knowledge of the products and goods that are in scarcity in India and the ones that are in abundance to go ahead with the global partnership with various firms. We are one of the leading export-import schools in Ahmedabad that have a fully-fledged outline for the product options that can be explored by business aspirants. 

  1. Funds

What is the best payment method to minimize risk?

To minimize the risk of getting payment, the most secure way for exporters is getting cash in advance and for importers it is consignment. At IGTM Ahmedabad, you will be introduced with the best practices for a successful export-import trade. 

How to find Buyers in the international market?

You can connect with buyers through various online and offline methods. You can register your business on B2B platforms like Global Sources, Alibaba, eWorldTrade, etc. You can also gain potential contacts by visiting trade fairs and meet-ups to build your national and international network. We are India’s leading export import consultants to help you connect with potential leads for your business.

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